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Mad House: A Paranormal Documentary Review.

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First off, I want to go into this with full understanding that I am indeed related to the director JP Doyal. However, That has no bearings on my review. I actually quite enjoy roasting him, so it was a slight let down to me when I loved this production and had no reason to do such. Some people were disappointed because they are used to these fake shows where they fabricate evidence and crazy scenes that hype you up. This isn’t that kind of show and that was not the intention here. The intention was to show real occurrences in a very active place. Madison seminary is a well documented and well experienced place. I want to go see it for myself after viewing this documentary. In the movie these four online friends came to this place under the impression that they would get good documentation to share with the world, and they did. Coming together from different parts of the country, some of them never meeting in person until they showed up at this place. These friends worked scarily well together. The movie isn’t scary in a typical sense, no jump scares, no injuries. This movie is scary in the sense that it is real and this is something you can also experience. These souls are stuck in this building and they only want to communicate and Jp, Alex, Steve and Keith were the ones they chose to do this with. I love that you can see the different styles for the different men throughout this entire production. They have very different hunting styles and they didn’t make each other feel bad about that. When they weren’t comfortable with something that was happening or suggested, they let the other team members know, but ultimately they respected what the others were about. I also love that the realness played through in the way they watched out for each other as well. They made sure that everyone was in the right mindset before they followed through with anything, These men have a substantial amount of knowledge between the four of them and they continue to learn from each other. I hope these four come together for more projects and showcase exactly what they know. This isn’t your typical paranormal movie, so if that is what you are looking for, then this movie is not for you. This movie is for people who want the knowledge of the Madison Seminary and its history, and for people who want to see REAL paranormal activity. All in all I believe this documentary is well worth the watch. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

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