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Arise, Kikitaru!

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Kikitaru’s first update! Say hello!

Finally, after months of waiting, I’ve finally got around to opening Kikitaru with a little help from Crystal @ Yuugure. WordPress has never really been my forte so she helped me get this site up and running finally. I’m going to be re-doing my affiliates list, but all my previous affiliates will have the option to remain affiliates.

I have no idea what I’m going to do to Otaku-Box at this time. It suddenly went poof out of no where and disappeared. The domain doesn’t expire for a long time, and the hosting is currently being used (and is much better than the hosting I’m using now lol). I guess if anyone wants to adopt it they can, but I will not transfer it (incase you abandon it) and you will have to find your own host.

This header was a prize for being first place in Sasha’s icon contest at Dream Fortress. So all credit goes to her on this beautiful header.

Dream Fortress icon contest winner - Jessica @ otaku-box.com

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