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Contact Us

FAQs and Rules

You must update your site/blog at least once a every three months. This can be longer, assuming you keep contact with me.

Talk to me on either a comment on my posts or by using my cbox once in a while. Being affiliates is different from being a link exchange. Being an affiliate is also being my friend, so I do appreciate the contact.

I would prefer your site to be a graphics related site, and anime/manga/gaming related. This is not a mandatory thing, but please realize preference would be given to these sites before others. If your site is strictly a blog related site, please refer to the link exchange section.

I do not care if you use a premade template or one made by someone else. This is not a mandatory thing for me, I understand that some people would rather create graphics than code.

You must be willing to link me on every page of your site, as I will do the same. This is mandatory.


Your site/blog must update at least once every 6 months, longer time periods will okay in the slow times of the year.

Please keep in contact via Cbox or Twitter.

You have to link me on at lease one page.

I am currently open for requests. If you are requesting a graphic, please make sure to read the following rules. Please make sure to send any images that are needed in the request.

Please only one request at a time, once the request is finished you may request another type of graphic. These types of requests include renders, headers, icons, etc. that will be put on the site for anyone to use.

If you are requesting a personal graphics request, I am not accepting those at this time unless you are a affiliate or link exchange and that is limited to once a month. Currently this is limited to 88×31 buttons (up to 3 at a time), header image, icons (up to 3 at a time), and other small to medium graphics. It is required to link back in your credits.